Forensics Regionals

On March 29th, the Seaholm Forensics team competed in the regional forensics tournament held at Seaholm. The team had  21 students qualified for the state tournament:

  •    Sabrina Gowda and Danny Ashcraft in Broadcasting
  •    Kendall Hitch and Alex Sitner in Extemporaneous
  •    Tessa Banks and Regan Levy in Impromptu
  •    Theresa Ross in Informative       
  •    Daniel Evans and  Faren Bartholomew in Oratory
  •    Kayla Lang and Paul Korte in Sales
  •    Leah Warren in Informative 9/10
  •    Sydney Alexander and Amanda Najor in Dramatic Interpretation
  •    Maame Boatemaa in Poetry
  •    Noah Gaber and Emma Lietz in Prose
  •    Erin Blackwell and Annie Cohen in Storytelling
  •    Maclane Paddock and Peter Peterson in 9/10 Duo


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