Riding the Struggle Bus

I’d like to start this off by saying, that I enjoyed my class at Groves. I just would have genuinely enjoyed it more if I didn’t have to take the bus to Groves every day for a whole trimester.
Is it really more cost effective to ship over 40 students a mile down the road, seven times a day with two buses going every hour? I personally don’t know. But what I do know is that I don’t like leaving class 5 minutes early, I don’t like driving down a road with potholes, I don’t like being crowded with sometimes three people to a seat, and I don’t like not being able to stay after class to talk to my teachers because I have to leave early.
Are these the biggest problems I’ve encountered? No. But they really irritate me (much like most of you do).
First off, the leaving early thing bothers for many reasons. When I took the bus, I didn’t just have to leave class, I had stop at my locker to get my coat and books for my new class. Why didn’t you just do it before that, well glad you asked and it’s because I didn’t want my backpack to weigh as much as three bricks. And that takes more than five minutes so I left class even earlier than 5 minutes before, which led to me not getting the math or not getting the homework written down.
The road is another story. Tell me a state with more potholes than dear ole Michigan and I’ll pay you. The bus is big, clunky, heavy, and full of annoying 14-18 year olds. It cannot swerve to avoid the potholes like I could do in my car. So let’s make my stomach, head, and back hurt during school, which will certainly make me more pleasant and eager to learn.
I think that a good option for students, who are able to, would be to drive their own cars. While it doesn’t cut down on the amount of buses traveling back and forth between the two high schools, it does cut down on the amount of people on the buses. Advantages include having only one or two people per seat, if all the upperclassmen with cars could drive themselves. Another perk of driving yourself would be if you missed the bus. That way you’d only be a few minutes late instead of missing the whole class and sitting in the library.
My solution to this would be having parking passes that upperclassman could get before the start off the trimester. The passes would be for Seaholm and Groves so that you could park in both lots and the attendants would know that you were supposed to be there. And then return them to the school at the end of the trimester.
Some might say that there wouldn’t be enough room in the parking lot to accommodate, but if the same number of people were leaving as were coming wouldn’t it all even out? And even if they had to park in non-spots… well it’s not like Seaholm kids haven’t done it before.

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