Return of the Ring?

By Chris Hill

Two years ago this hash tag exploded Seaholm and Groves students twitter timelines from the State Champion Birmingham Unified girl’s lacrosse players expressing their excitement of pursuing and winning the Division 1 state championship over Hartland High School.
With hopes of becoming back to back State Champions, the girls set out on their quest to another State title last year. However, the results of last year’s team did not go as planned. The girls struggled throughout the season finishing with a 9-9-1 record on the season, and suffered a first round playoff loss to rival Bloomfield 10-11.
It’s a new season now, and with the pain of last year’s struggles still burning in the hearts of the girls, they are determined to win another State Championship. So why is this year’s team so different from last year’s?
“We have more team chemistry this year from all of our off season training,” senior midfielder Jillian Fischer said. “And lots of young talent that will contribute to the team.”
In fact the leadership of this team is so strong that head coach Jen Dunbar has not even decided if she is going to name captains this year, because there are so many great leaders on this team that choosing just two to be the captains would be too difficult. This wouldn’t be the first year that Coach Dunbar hasn’t named captains for the team due to strong leadership.
“Every year but one the team hasn’t had captains,” senior midfielder Hannah Schuele said. “We’ve won states”.
The team faces a tough schedule this year, having opened up their season with a tough loss last Monday to Caledonia 13-9. They also will come across last year’s Division 1 State Champions Rockford, and cross town rivals Bloomfield Hills Marian, all within the first four games of the season.
While the team may find themselves against some very difficult opponents throughout the season, they have experience on their side, with the team returning eight starters, and are backed by a strong defense from returning starter seniors Camille Yuhn, Elizabeth Quigley, and Junior Heather Lee.
With such a difficult schedule this year, where will the focus lie as to the important games? “Every game is a big game this year” Lee said. “But our biggest games are against our rivals Marian, and Bloomfield.”
Despite the difficult schedule the team faces this year, everyone hopes that from the strong leadership, and great talent on this team that the hash tags will explode twitter timelines throughout Birmingham yet agin, and the there will be the return of the ring.

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