One Maple Family?

By Maame Boatemaa

“Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind.” These simple words from Lilo and Stitch have lived on for years and hopefully have meaning in our individual lives.
It is never easy to be the “new kid on the block” but to be new in a school that claims to be a “family” and not act so is far from exciting. Moving 21 hours away from my home to a new land, I was told I would make friends as easily as I would get A’s.
None of these were true.hands-one maple family opinon
Foreign exchange student from Germany, Johanna Vorrath, revealed the stress involved in making friends at Seaholm.
“No. Nooooo it was terrible because everyone is so close together and see meeting new people as scary,” Vorrath said. “I still don’t feel a part of the family because no one sees me as a part of this, just a mere exchange student soon to leave.”
Assistant principal, Ali Hamka, viewed this differently. He confessed that his bubbly personality and the effort he puts in to know people helped him as a newbie with a different culture from most. Hamka believes that his Arabic/ Muslim background does not get in the way of his judgment and actions towards co-workers and student with reason that when it all comes down to it, we are all a part of the human race and are therefore family.
Senior Daisha Martin claimed “One Maple” is a good concept in bringing together students of all walks of life especially during Collin Trask’s memorial and also during sporting activities but outside of that, people really do not try to live unity.
As Maples, it is our duty to succeed not only academically but also in every social aspect including working to provide others with a comfortable living space.
Look up from your phone from time to time and smile at a brother or sister next to you.
“One Maple” is a name that must be earned.
According to Mr. Carlton, we have come a long way since his days in this school which were supposedly more hostile than we can comprehend.
More can be done however to ensure that the “high school experience” is one that will be recalled with fondness in the heart of every single member of our family be they ASD students, teachers, janitors, principals or exchange students.


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