Fifth Annual One Acts Approaches

By Kelly Martinek

one acts 1

Pederson’s Role is Austin. To prove to his girlfriend what flirting is, Austin hits on Lauren, played by Tripp. Photo/ McKenna Ross

The little theatre will be buzzing at 7 pm on May 30th, opening night for Seaholm’s One Acts festival.
Now in its fifth year, the One Acts festival will feature seven short, one-act plays. More than any other Seaholm theatre production throughout the year, One Acts relies heavily on the participation and leadership of students.
“It’s their vision, their direction,” One Acts staff sponsor Ben Briere said.
The student-driven event especially emphasizes the leadership of seniors, who are given the opportunity to direct their own shows.
“We have a ton of great shows and half are written by students,” senior Shane McPartlin said. “I got to have auditions, cast my own show, and direct a show I wrote.”
One of the plays this year is “Big Flirt,” directed by senior Caitlin DeLuca.
“[DeLuca]’s is… about a girl who is in a relationship but flirts with everyone,” Junior Anna Tripp, one of the actors in “Big Flirt” said. “Her boyfriend tries to show her what she is doing to prove that she’s a ‘big flirt.’”
Tripp, who has also participated in three consecutive Seaholm musicals, is preparing for her second One Acts festival this year.
“One Acts is a great way to get to know really cool people who share similar interests and talents as you,” she said.
Another one of the featured plays is “Oceanic Flight 846.” Junior Amanda Najor, who will be acting in this play, has three years of musicals and one acts under her belt.
“My one act is about a bunch of people on a plane, and comedy ensues when the plane starts to hit some rocky weather,” Najor said.
“Oceanic Flight 846,” is directed by seniors Cameron Flynn and Austen Sheer.
McPartlin’s “Red Flags” is another highlight of this year’s festival. McPartlin, who wrote and directed this show, is a three year veteran of One Acts and a four year senior in Seaholm’s spring musicals.
“It’s about a guy who asks a girl on a date and a bunch of red flags are brought up on the date,” he said. “But you’ll just have to see it for yourself.’”
These students and many more have been rehearsing for months and are prepared and eager to put on their shows, come May 30th and 31st.
The event’s five dollar admission is directly returned to the students who produce the shows. The money benefits Seaholm’s Fall Play and International Thespian Society (ITS) troupe, and is used in part to put on next year’s festival and possibly to fund ITS competitions next year.
But attendance of the event means more than just fundraising, according to Briere.
“You’d be supporting the seniors at a very emotional and sort of fantastic moment in their lives,” Briere said. “And to make that even more special by having a packed house would be great.”
The variety offered by the One Acts festival provides a unique experience for the audience as well.
“Even if you don’t care for one, they’re short, and you’re sure to enjoy some of the others!” McPartlin said.
Najor agrees.
“If you come it’ll change your life forever,” Najor said. “And you’ll probably laugh a little too.”

one acts 2

Sophomore Alex Pederson and Junior Anna Tripp act out one of their scenes in Senior Caitlin DeLuca’s one act. Photo/ McKenna Ross

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