A Hitch in It: Grads

By Kendall Hitch

It’s that time of year again; senior breakfast, senior dinner, the all night party, and TONS OF GRAD PARTIES.
As the Facebook invites pour in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you try to figure out the who, what, where, and when of which grad parties you’re going to.
One of the biggest stress factors around this time seems to be finances.
People are caught up on whom to get a gift for and if not getting a gift means not going.
So in the midst of all this madness, it’s important to remember why we’re having grad parties in the first place.
While the money and gifts are always a nice bonus, grad parties are one of, if not the last time, you’ll get to celebrate with your friends and family all in one place.
That being said, don’t be sour if some forgets your twenty dollar check and don’t opt out of a grad party because you can’t afford it.
With the way most parties go, your friend will probably be receiving tens, if not hundreds of gifts.
And while I’m not saying that you use that as an excuse to show up to every grad party empty handed, what I am saying is that if you really can’t make a gift work at the time, it will mean a lot more to your friend that you attend the party rather than staying home in your bed and watching Netflix.
If you think your presence won’t matter, that’s definitely a misconception.
Everyone wants to be supported and, after all, they invited you for a reason.
All in all, don’t let the stress of grad party season ruin your last weeks with your classmates.

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