Seaholm’s Coffee


By Silas Klarr


Four gorgeous Starbucks drinks the editors enjoyed during production. Photo/ Kelly Martinek

According to a Highlander survey 67% of Seaholm students go to Starbucks. Getting a Starbucks coffee goes way beyond just getting a drink to help give you energy. For Seaholm students there are many perks of buying a Starbucks coffee.
“[Starbucks is] kind of a nice thing to have,” junior Anna Gingle said, “If you’re walking around with a drink of Tim Hortons it’s kind of ugly. But if you walk into school with a cup of Starbucks it’s seen as a better drink and a nicer place to buy from.” Starbucks isn’t drunk solely based on the taste but also on appearance.
While going to Starbucks might be seen as a nicer, some believe that it would be easier to use than the coffee machine at the pool doors.
“It’s easier to go to Starbucks because the machine only takes credit cards,” senior AJ Kjay said. “Plus judging by its looks it seems like it wouldn’t be that good.”Small hassles like this are what make the Starbucks store so convenient and popular choice in the area.
Though Starbucks coffee seems better for your image while drinking it there are other reasons, some students prefer their coffee to help them with school.
“I drink their coffee when I need to stay up studying or if I’m really tired in the morning,” senior Dominic Sierpan said.
According to junior Sydney McKay, students will need their morning cup of coffee even more now that there are no more X-Block days.
“The rest of the year will be rough, with just having taken the ACT and with all the work I’ve been doing lately,” McKay said, “Now with X-Block ending coffee is a good way to help me stay up at night studying and in the mornings, It’s hard to be alert and paying attention, so coffee really helps.”
Coffee can be helpful during stressful times and many seniors found it a helpful tool to keep them going through the beginning of the year.
“While waiting to hear back from colleges I applied to I was extremely stressed. With football after school I had to stay up doing my applications and went over them a few times. Then I had my school homework so I was staying up until about 2 AM every night,” Sierpan said. “I don’t know if I could have done it without coffee.”
With all of the ways for Seaholm students to drink coffee they will always prefer Starbucks, whether it is to help them stay awake, or to be seen as a more high class place to get coffee, there is no competition.

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