Reed My Lips: A Retrospective


Our time has run out. It’s time to say goodbye to watching Seaholm sports as a student. Soon, we will all move on from students to alumni. The final football games, basketball games, lacrosse games, and everything in between have or will soon come to an end.
Over the course of a year and a half, I have written eight columns for the readers of this student-run newspaper. I have truly enjoyed being able to write out my concerns and interests for the audiences that tune in and read for each issue.
I came to you readers as a young, inexperienced, timid junior, unsure of the perception of my writing. Now, I am the confident writer whose words you are currently reading. Being able to control my own recurring sports opinion column has been an experience I won’t soon forget. I have sincerely loved being able to write about what I choose for you readers for this past year and a half.
My first column was about the Maple Forest during in the winter of 2012-2013. After seeing the both positive and negative reactions from the student body, opinion writing became an instant passion of mine. Regarding the offence that the class of 2015 felt from that column, I knew it would ignite you all and you would show up to the next basketball game in full-force. It worked exactly how I wanted it to.
After causing some hoopla from my first issue, I decided I wanted to get people talking about my columns again. I wrote my next column about whether or not the girls cross country team deserved the title of state champions. They did. Not too much drama was caused from that story.
I only wrote two columns last year. I decided I wanted to return to the Highlander for my senior year, but as a section editor rather than a staff writer.
Returning for my senior year as the sports editor left me even more freedom with my columns. I have written one each issue so far and it has been a lot of fun. I started off with a breakdown of the football team. That was nice because that team went on to have an amazing season, one for the books.
Next, I talked about the volleyball team. That was one of my favorites I’ve ever written, mainly because I love volleyball, and the team was really good this year. Personally, I did not have very high hopes for the team this past year, even though the 2012 made a very far run into the playoffs, but, the team pleasantly surprised me and brought in a solid crowd to most games. Volleyball was definitely top three in my favorite Seaholm sports to watch and participate with the Maple Forest. I will miss those games sorely.
I returned to football to discuss the homecoming game against Groves. This was a controversial game because both teams were undefeated, it was homecoming, it was covered by the local news, and the winner would be crowned OAA Blue Champions. It was a brisk Friday October evening. A record 4,000+ people attended this game, and the home fans were not disappointed. The Maples took home the win and the second consecutive league championship. The celebration was immense.
I enjoyed writing this next column because it was actually an issue I had dealt with and experienced. My “stress or laziness” column touched on the conflicting finals/tryouts schedules. The reason I enjoyed writing this is because I felt a personal connection to the problem because baseball tryouts and second trimester finals used to be on the same days and I never thought it was an issue dealing with both conflicts. I thought it was ridiculous that students would complain about the overwhelming feeling of studying and worrying about performing well at tryouts. People should be able to manage their time better.
I decided to cover the dominant girls’ basketball team because they were an explosive team that would guarantee a game that would keep the crowd on the edge of their seats. Even though close to nobody went to go watch the girls’ games, I found them incredibly entertaining to watch. This team often put of more points than the guys’ team. When I went with a couple of my friends, we would often get super involved in the cheering on and even though it was only about five of us, the Maple Forest was still lively. There were games where the Maples would win 64-62 in the last minute, always an entertaining game while watching them. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to attend those games.
My most recent column was about March Madness. I enjoyed being able to write about that because I’m not usually t0o interested in college basketball, and writing that column let me dive into a new area of study. Paying a lot of attention into the March Madness tournament gave me a new experience and I will most likely be more interested in it from now on.
All those past columns have brought me here, to the end. Being able to write this column has been a key part of the enjoyment of not only my senior year, but my entire experience at Ernest W.
I don’t believe I will be continuing my journalism career any further past high school, so this may likely be my last newspaper publication. I appreciate the opportunity you readers have given me; this is something I will not soon forget. Thank you to all readers.

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