Esther Seawell: News Editor, 2013-2014

Highlander I’m home!

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be writing for this paper again, although I’m certainly going to try.

This fall, I started my first semester at the University of Missouri as a journalism major. And I can honestly say that without the Highlander I wouldn’t be sitting in my dorm room in Columbia writing this.

When I first joined the paper, I hadn’t even taken the prerequisite class. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be any good, but so many people reached out and taught me what it was like to be a reporter.

Through this paper, I learned how to write in short paragraphs, who to talk to for interviews, how to get them to actually give you an interview, design pages, and learn that edits really were for the best.

Both years I spent working for this paper showed me I couldn’t go without reporting. I knew by my second trimester on staff that this is what I want to do with my life.

It was with the love and support of the editorial board, staffers, and excellent advisors (not to mention countless hours drinking Starbucks and endless cat jokes) that a found a home. A home that always encouraged me to be myself and follow my dreams.

And while I have moved on to writing for a University paper (and getting paid to do so), I’ll always cherish the fond memories that the Highlander has given me.

And because I can, I’m going to name a few: Getting lost on I-75, the “Man Meat Corner”, Rodney Stanger, winning the Spartan, “Kendall we need to know who Winston is”, debating the size of column pictures, and of course good ole Jorge.

I’m proud to be apart of a staff as dedicated and talented as this one, and I know that writing for any other paper would not have made me love journalism as much as the Highlander did, and continues to do so.

I’m also honored to be writing for the 75th anniversary edition, and since I’ll probably be famous in 25 years, expect to see me writing for the 100th anniversary edition as well.

What, you thought I wasn’t going to be sarcastic at some point in this article?

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