Kendall Hitch: Editor in Chief, 2013-2014

My experiences at the Seaholm highlander left me, not only with long-lasting friendship, but also with valuable skills that have already helped me in my college career. When working for the highlander you have a range of people, from the biggest journalism need to the kid who is taking the class as a graduation requirement.

As an editor, I had to learn to incorporate everyone’s unique ability. Though a daunting task, of everyone can feel like they contributed to the final product, everyone has something to be proud of. More than ever in college they are teaching students the power of collaboration and team work. While many of my peers find group projects to be the equivalent of a death sentence, the highlander has given me the ability to see the potential for an amazing experience.

Overall, I’d just say that the Highlander is so much more than a place to practice journalistic skills, it is a place to learn the value of hard work and collaboration no matter what you choose to do with your life.

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