Bye Bye Homework

by Drake Kondrat

Do you want to know what burns me up? Let me answer my own question with a question. Have you checked your trash can lately? Your answer would probably be no since the only thing in it is garbage. But if you do check you might be surprised that someone’s corrected homework is in it. That’s not supposed to go there, and that is what burns me up.

“Some of my students may have been throwing away and leaving their corrected homework on their desks.” Kristen Ziebell said, “I now grade on homework quizzes and occasionally going back to checking regular homework because of this.”

This is most upsetting and deeply disappointing to me. I can relate to their struggles, as I once threw away my homework and didn’t want to it. However my parents told me it’s important to finish what you start, so I finished my homework, gave it to my teacher, she graded it, and I didn’t throw away corrected homework like a responsible student. But it appears other students lack the responsibility I have.

It puts quite a damper on my spirits. People go to Seaholm High School to learn and they should expect their homework to have a few mistakes. You are not perfect so do not act like you are. They are instead being very immature because they didn’t get what they wanted since they think they are the best at the class. Well, they aren’t and they need to realize that or their grades will start to waver.

Students of this establishment, I have a message for each and every one of you so you had better listen up. Do your homework and don’t throw away the corrected version that shows you made some mistakes like its dirty gum on the sidewalk or dirt that got on your shoulder after you tripped and fell on the ground. Just accept your mistakes and learn from them, don’t blind yourself by continually telling yourself that you deserve a better grade, you’re perfect, or that the teacher just hates you and not accept responsibility for your own actions. Do people think their parents got their jobs and educations by acting the way they are at this very moment? Well here’s a reality check, they didn’t and you sure won’t if you keep doing this. Bottom line, learn from your mistakes or suffer dire consequences.

That corrected homework can help your grade improve quite a lot if you keep it. Keeping that corrected homework let’s you use those corrections to help study for an upcoming test and possibly get a better grade than the one you got on the homework. If you throw it away then you are basically just asking to never learn. You should just keep that corrected homework and not just dump it. Don’t make poor decisions, just accept those revisions.

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