2015 Field Day Preview


On Friday October 23rd. 7:30 AM. classes will clash, school spirit will spike, rivalries will be born.

Last year featured dramatics you would have to see to believe, both younger grades won tug of war, at both men’s and women’s levels. The sophomores of this year, who barely spent a fraction of a year in high school upset the juniors of this year.
However that means nothing to the freshman, they didn’t see that field day, the only thing they took from it is that the freshman can win.

The present has shifted to the past.
“(The sophomores) will probably come out with the same strategies because it served them well last year. We are really ready.” freshman Co-Chair Carson Peasly said.

On the contrary the sophomore class will not have a repeat of last year.
“It isn’t going to be the same as last year” Co-Chair Gillian Ryan said

As a class they look to start off two for two in field day wins over their rival class, they are the only undefeated grade in the competition.

“We paid more attention to charity, because that was something that hurt us last year” Ryan said.

In terms of goals the top priority for the sophomores is beating the freshman, however their hopes don’t stop there.

“The first goal is to beat the freshman, but we beat the juniors last year, so we think we have a decent chance at the whole thing” Ryan said.

As for the upperclassmen rivalry we have a battle of the experienced versus the unseasoned.

The seniors come in to their fourth and final field day with the experience of victory, unlike the 0-2 juniors, but unlike the seniors their class leader is Dawn Whitehead, a long time field day class leader that has coached many classes to victory in the upperclassman years.

“Every year gets better” Whitehead said.

She believes that while the juniors have less experience than the veteran senior class, that the juniors have made improvement that will make them competitive.

The seniors are led by the more than capable, but unseasoned Shannon Feliciano who is looking for her first victory in the upper class. With the juniors being 0-2 and losing to the younger class few expect much going up against an upper class, but the challenge of facing the older group does not seem to deter Whitehead.

She described the senior class as “hungry for a victory.”

The juniors this year have learned from last years defeat. They intend to take the competition a different avenue.

“We will win charity a third year in a row” Whitehead said.

The juniors look to fuel their event participants by stealing an early win from the Seniors.

Regardless, the senior seals refuse to lose the sacred tug event.

“I guarantee a win in girls and boys tug” said field day Co-Chair Joey Ashcraft.

The seniors have made it adamant they look to dominate in the events over the juniors like the sophomores did to them last year.

Just like every year all the hard work comes down to Friday, to follow the drama live follow @SHSHighlander on Twitter for updates of Field Day this Friday, October 23rd.

Tweet @SHSHighlander followed by the hashtag #SHSFieldday and be a part of this age old Seaholm tradition.

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