Seaholm Baseball Hires New Coach

After last year’s disappointing
campaign, Seaholm Baseball Coach Dan Drapal resigned. As a result, Athletic director Aaron Frank and Seaholm Baseball hired a new head coach John Toth this past June. After a 7-19 record, the maples enter a rebuilding year under the new philosophy of coach Toth. Coach Toth was most recently a coach at Lasher high school before the school merged with Andover high school and became Bloomfield Hills high school. Coach Toth brings to the table a “player friendly” philosophy.” I have my player’s backs to the end, and want what’s best for them. If there are no players then there is no coach” Toth said. Coach Toth also hopes to change the mindset of how the team wins games, to do this he brings in his belief in defense and pitching. “The best hitters in the world only hit 350. That means they will still make an out 65 percent of the time. If we field and play defense you can win on any given day” Toth said. While it is evident coach Toth’s changes will take time his players already seem to have bought in. “He is a young coach who is taking the program in the right direction, and knows what he is doing,’’ senior pitcher Jake Dietz said. Coach Toth already has the seniors vote of confidence despite “not having many formal meetings” coach Toth said. “I haven’t even met coach yet” Senior Shortstop Matt Fink said. The team is certain to find success with coach Toth down the road, but as for this year, the team looks to bounce back from a poor showing last year. A season capped off with an infamous no hitter at the hands of crosstown rival Groves. ‘’If we play to our potential I really think this can be an above .500 team,’’ senior third baseman Dustin Maylath-Bryant said. According to Bryant, the biggest room for improvement for the team is to do better against division teams. “If we do that I think we can hopefully compete for a division title,’’ Bryant said. As for returning players, under coach Toth “no spots are guaranteed. I believe everything is earned, not given. Every player that wants to try out for the baseball team will be given an equal opportunity, and I will not even pay attention to who was or was not on the team last year” coach Toth said. Hopes are high for the new coach, as the maples baseball hopes to return to former glory and beyond. With a team chalked full of senior leadership, and a new set of eyes on the team, the future is looking
bright for the program.

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