Thriving Detroit

Vitality is alive and flourishing in the Motor City.
A little over a month ago, Murals in The Market, 1xRun and Inner State Gallery partnered with the Eastern Market to bring Detroit phenomenal art, in mural form. This specific Murals in The Market festival was said to have been created for one reason, to “loudly affirm that shared sense of place.”
Forty-five international and local artists had gathered around the Eastern Market area to apply their skills on historic Detroit buildings, possibly leaving a positive impact on the city.
Kashink, one of the very few female artists in the French graffiti/street art scene, is
known for her, “huge four eyed characters, with thick lines, vivid colors, in a very
distinctive style,” according to the Murals in The Market website.
Kashink’s homeland is Paris, France, but she has traveled all over the world showing her art pieces to audiences ranging from European countries to Canada. She has decided to bring her skills to the Motor City through the Murals in The Market movement.
The Eastern Market is already known quite well for it’s vibrant existence and now for these authentic forms of art. Here at Seaholm, staff and students are a bit familiar with the Murals. According to a Highlander survey, over 60% of students and staff said they have traveled to Eastern Market and seen the works of art with their own eyes.
Junior Issac Susser believes that the Murals in The Market can help Detroit make a new name for itself in the zone of art.
“Detroit is…it’s almost like this clean slate,” Susser said.
As Detroit earns it’s place in the world of art, artists believe the art is in return helping the city become greater than ever before.
“I feel like it’s actually representing the art movement that is happening in Detroit right now,” art teacher Kelly Vagts said. “It’s [the art] beautifying it [Detroit].”
Seaholm art teacher Elizabeth Moyer also thinks that the art will help Detroit succeed in
business because people will be more attracted to the city.
“It’ll possibly bring people in and help businesses,” Moyer said.
Another artist who created Murals in The Market is Michelle Tanguay.
Tanguay was born and raised in New York and works as an artist, curator, painter and
She now resides in Detroit, Michigan since her move years ago.
Her pieces are known for the range from black and white portraits to colorful geometric figures. It almost looks as if she had combined multiple aspects of what inspires her into this new mural.
The co-founder and CEO of 1xRun (one-time run), Jesse Cory, is amazed at how successful Murals in The Market has been since it’s start.
“Since moving our business to Eastern Market three years ago we’ve produced over thirty murals in the neighborhood,” Cory said, “and with each of these murals we’ve seen an immediate direct impact on multiple levels.”
There are a lot of different opinions whether or not this new art will help Detroit grow more colorful or not, but it has already helped gain an increase in popularity as it continues to thrive in the area.
“There’s no feeling like the one you get when the city you live in is so thankful for the gift

of such a vast amount of public art in a concentrated area,” Cory said.
Art, specifically murals, are becoming more and more known and respected down the streets of this cultivating city, which will be a change to really look out for. Cory and the other artists have high hopes for the future.
“We hope to bring Murals in the Market back to Detroit in 2016,” Cory said.

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