Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Backyard Football League

While many students view the weekend as a time to escape school property, a particular group decides to stick around. Known as the Backyard Football League (BFL), the group plays pick-up football on Maple Field each Saturday afternoon. Spearheaded by Joe Wujciak, Leigh Murray and Conor Ryan, the BFL was originally formed in 2012. Founding members included Cameron McIntyre, Adam

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Physics Teacher Resigns

According to the Seaholm Administration, effective November 6, Seaholm AP Physics I and II teacher Michelle Bagdasarian resigned, leaving an incomplete schedule for many junior and senior students. “I was looking forward to the class, and now I don’t really know what my plan is,” junior Dominic Bertollini said. Bertollini, like most students who signed up for either AP Physics

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