Monthly Archives: February 2016

Failed Assembly

By Scott Bentley Substance abuse assemblies are not a rare occurrence in the life of a high school student. Abstinence only policies are encouraged and taught, and often times guest speakers who can touch on their personal experiences are brought in. Seaholm’s drug and alcohol abuse assembly in January included these speakers. The first speaker was Nathaniel, a teen from

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Driving in Winter

By: Kathleen Redebaugh and Mikel Silverman You hit the brakes and the car doesn’t stop. It skids across the ice as you pump the brakes, but this is beyond the control of you or even the car. The danger of driving in the winter continues to be a dangerous activity, especially to teenagers who have not had enough experience driving

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D & D Club

If you were to fall off the edge of this lackluster, modern world, you might find yourself immersed in an alternative realm full of untamable clashes and flaming arrows. There would be gruesome goblins and stoic heroes all around. What would really stand out, though, is that you wouldn’t feel alone at all. Welcome to the world of Dungeons and

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