D & D Club

If you were to fall off the edge of this lackluster, modern world, you might find yourself immersed in an alternative realm full of untamable clashes and flaming arrows. There would be gruesome goblins and stoic heroes all around. What would really stand out, though, is that you wouldn’t feel alone at all. Welcome to the world of Dungeons and Dragons.
Seaholm students now have the opportunity to directly experience this world with their friends. The Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Club meets every Monday in room G008, which is the room at the back of the cafeteria.
Sophomore Nick Dempsey, who founded the club, said that the meetings usually run from three to five after school.
“There was a D&D Club at Derby,” Dempsey said.
However, there’s never been a club like it at Seaholm before. Many are unsure how this fantasy roleplaying game is played.
“The goal is to complete quests,” Dempsey said. “One guy is the dungeon master, everyone else is a character. It’s a group storytelling game. Characters take part with their actions. The dungeon master sets up the scene and creates the world.”
Flex teacher Ben Briere, the club sponsor, agrees.
“It’s co-storytelling at its finest,” Briere said. “The dungeon master is the author, they provide the setting and plot.”
He mentioned non-player characters, as well, which are characters controlled by the dungeon master rather than other players.
According to the D&D Official Homepage, Dungeons and Dragons was first produced by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974. Also, in 2006, a massively-multiplayer online version of the game was released, rendering it more accessible than before. Within less than two years, thousands of hand-assembled copies of the game sold out after being released.
D&D has grown to gain a huge national and worldwide since, but its local popularity doesn’t quite live up to its national reputation.
“A few people know about it, but most people don’t,” Dempsey said.
That could change now, though, since Seaholm has its own D&D Club. At club meetings, members split into two groups that are each led by one member. Dempsey is one of them.
“We have nine people, which is a lot to deal with [in the game], so we have two groups,” Dempsey said, “it’s easier.”
The meetings are weekly and led by dedicated fans of this unique game. D&D is a new take on the average Seaholm club. It’s worth a visit for Maples who have an hour or two to spare after school on Mondays. Don’t miss out on this rare chance to explore the magical and vigorous world of Dungeons and Dragons. But, bring a friend because there are beasts on this side.

By:Lyan Alsabti

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