Girls Swim Team Off to Successful Start

The Seaholm Women’s Swim Team is off to a hot start this season, winning their first three meets against Lake Orion, Farmington and Cranbrook, and also putting a remarkable fight against their biggest rival, the Rochester Adams Highlanders.

Seaholm senior captain Grace Guevara has an extremely positive attitude toward the season and its future.

“So far we’ve had three really good meets and I think that our team is going to be really strong this year,” Guevara said.

Senior captain Hannah Erickson shares this outlook.

“I think that our season has gone very well so far, and that we will continue to improve.” Erickson said.

The positive outlooks of the team captains is shared by the whole team. The Maples’ early success has led to a healthy level of confidence, with the team believing they can win every meet they participate in.

“All of us are very confident going into every meet,” Erickson said.

This confidence is a result of a strong support system. Swimming is a physically and mentally draining sport, and supportive teammates are crucial to a team’s success.

“Everyone is really close and we are all really supportive of one another,” Guevara said.

The girls’ finest moments may come at meets, but that is not done without hard work.

“We train 19 hours a week,” Guevara said. “If you ask the team, they will tell you it pays off.”

The Maples 3-0 start to the season was a good indicator that the countless hours spent in the pool were worthwhile.

“Hard work pays off and it shows in the improvement throughout the season,” senior Lauren Roovers said.

The potential for greatness this season is what keeps the girls motivated.

“We all really want to win this year,” senior Nichole McMaster said. “We know it’s going to take a lot of hard work, but that’s what pushes me every day to get in and do the work.”

To go along with the overall desire for success, the strong bond the Maples have is key in keeping the girls focused when constantly going through such an intense training regimen.

“It helps to know that your teammates are working right alongside you, and to know that you are working towards your goals.” Erickson said.






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