Getting to Know Seaholm Security Guard Jim Lytle

Written by Cecilia Cousins
December 21, 2018

Walking through the hallways between classes you can guarantee that Seaholm’s own Jim Lytle, the security guard known by all, will put a smile on your face. For the past six years that Jim has been employed at Seaholm, he has truly made an impact on the Seaholm population. In turn, our school’s community has provided Jim with people that he holds close in his heart.   

Jim Lytle began his career in security in 2007 after working for 34 years in the powertrain research branch at Ford Motor Company. He, along with 14,000 other employees, was convinced to retire from Ford Motor Company, and thought to himself about the many benefits that come along with working in a school system.

“I remember thinking at the time that they convinced me to retire that schools have summers off and they have time off,” Lytle said. “So that’s kind of like being retired so I thought I’d look into something in the schools.”   

The next step Jim took was searching online for positions needed in Oakland County schools. A request for a male security guard at Lahser High School appeared, and Jim took action, calling the principal of the school and asking for a chance to apply for the job.   

“He [Lahser principal, Charlie Hollerith] asked me what kind of experience I had and I told him that I really didn’t have any but I thought that I could make a difference in his school,” Lytle said. “He told me to come in to talk and the rest is history.”   

From here Jim went out to serve as a security guard at both Troy high schools, and then to Rochester Adams High School where he was in charge of six other guards. These experiences have led Jim to his current home, Seaholm.   

“I’ve been doing this since 2007, and I feel that my experience on the job has made me very qualified to do what I do, but I really had no idea that I wanted to go into security and it just kind of happened,” Lytle said. “I believe in my heart sometimes that things happen for a reason and I think sometimes doors open up. I truly feel that I

have a calling to do this for you children.”   

It is this calling that has lead him to where he is now, spending each day with our safety, protection, and well-being as his number one priority. When asked about his favorite part of his job, his immediate response was that it is the students here at Seaholm that make this job so special to him.   

“It’s you kids. I think the kids here at Birmingham Seaholm have been very gracious to me,” Lytle said. “The rewards that I have gotten back from you children just humbles me all the time, you’re very gracious, you’re very kind and I’m very humbled.”   

Jim believes he has a duty to protect the Seaholm community, and views the people here at Seaholm as his family. He has a job to protect his family and devotes his time and energy to ensure that he does so.   

“I feel as though you are my family here and that I have to protect every single one of you,” Lytle said. “The teachers, administration, you all belong to me and so I have to protect you with everything that I can.”   

Jim is exceptionally devoted to fulfilling the duties of his job.   

“I take my job very seriously in keeping the doors, in going around doing my rounds, in doing what I need to do,” Lytle said.   

The love that Jim feels toward the Seaholm community is reciprocated by the Seaholm community.

Many students enjoy Jim’s positive energy that he brings to school every day.

Senior Tenley Stickel loves the interactions she has with Jim and can always count on him to make her day.   

“Jim is the best; he keeps us safe and whenever you see him in the hallway he just has a genuine conversation with you,” Stickel said. “Jim always makes my day a little better, he brings a little sunshine to our school.”   

Senior Lily Tripp appreciates all that Jim does to make our school a better place.   

“I’m really grateful for having him Jim the security guard in our school, he makes the whole student body and the faculty feel safe,” Tripp said. “He gives me a high-five every time I see him in the hallway.”

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