A Gym on a Mission: Educating Detroit’s Youth

Written by Denver Glazer


Downtown Detroit was created by Jessica Hauser. Originally an abandoned old boxing gym, Jessica invested money into it to rebuild it into a bigger and better boxing gym, and a school for kids without access to education. As of right now, they currently have a waitlist of 1300 kids.

Their goal right now is to allow about 100 kids in by December 31st, 2020. “The DBG are in the midst of a 2.4 million dollar energy efficiency building renovation- our building is extremely inefficient,” Hauser explained. “It was explained to me that our walls are like Swiss cheese, so when we heat our building, we are really heating the city of Detroit instead. According the the thermal modeling, after all of the work is completed, we should be pretty close to not paying for electricity and just a small amount for gas rather than the almost $10k/month we currently pay during the winter months.” 

This means installing a new roof (which was recently completed),  new windows, new HVAC system in the gym, geothermal in the classrooms and new locker rooms and solar Panels, as well as insulating the walls. Downtown Detroit is also putting in actual locker rooms with shower accessibility. Lastly, they are raising funds to rework out classroom spaces to make them ready for the increase of students. 

On November 1st, Hammers All Star fundraiser is happening at Dino’s in Ferndale. To learn how to help, go to www.DowntownBoxingGym.org or www.facebook.com/DowntownBoxing

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