Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by Addison Rausch

Valentine’s can be a very stressful holiday for some. Whether you need to find something for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or maybe just a little thing to make your mom feel special, this holiday was designed to destroy your wallet. But never fear, The Highlander has you covered!

Flowers are a classic. Giving a girl flowers is one of the most romantic gestures there is to experience. This is a wonderful idea for your girlfriend or even your mom. It doesn’t have to be a giant bouquet for $90 dollars, as there are bouquets at your nearest Kroger for a range of prices, with the cheapest being $8 dollars for 8 stems. Make her day and pick one up at the Kroger at Woodward and Maple.

Self-care is a necessity, especially with finals roughly a month away! A great gift for your significant other (boys too!) is a mini spa day kit. For the lady, pick up some nail polish (starting at $9), a couple of cute face masks($1.99), and a cheap bath bomb($3.29). For him, get a couple of face masks($1.99) like the clear cucumber cooling face peel, a foam roller or massager($5.99), and some lip balm or vaseline($1.67). I say lip balms or Vaseline because at least among the guys I know, it’s an often overlooked necessity. It’s just how things are. And he’ll appreciate it. You can get all of these items super cheap at CVS, and if you ask, your mum probably has coupons. There’s a CVS on Woodward, and Walgreens has similar items!

courtesy of Laura Ockel

Chocolate is a woman’s best friend. Or man’s. Regardless, I suggest going to Kroger for chocolate, because they have the best prices and all different kinds of flavors. You can get a box of chocolate from Kroger for as low as $1. And if my boyfriend is reading, I strongly suggest the “Russell Stover Red Foil Heart” (the one that’s all milk chocolate) for $3.99.

Other things I recommend for him are candles. Candles aren’t just for girls! Make sure if you go for this idea you choose a more neutral scent, like warm vanilla, or fresh pine. You can get a candle from Target starting at $2.99. Also, keychains are a really good choice, and you could get him something with your initials on it to put on car keys. Such things can be found on Amazon starting at $1. If it doesn’t come by Valentine’s Day, that’s okay. Just write a card and let him know his present is on the way. 

courtesy of

A couple more gift ideas for her would be anything from Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection! I’m a huge fan of Lush, and new for Valentine’s Day 2020 is peach-shaped soap and an eggplant shaped soap! They also have both of these as bath bombs too from their 2019 collection. These are both very cute flirty options for your sweetheart. If those are a little too raunchy for your taste, there’s also a ‘Love Boat’ option, which is a very cute little boat bath bomb that will fill your bathroom with a citrusy aroma. These products all start at $6.95 each. You can order online or at Somerset’s Lush location.

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