Submitting Op-ed articles for publishing and letters to the editor. 

To submit an opinion article or letter to the editor or to inquire about our editorial process, email The Highlander at or send or deliver a copy of your article, letter or inquiry to Seaholm High School, 2436 West Lincoln Street, Birmingham, MI 48009 addressed to The Highlander staff.

The Highlander cherishes its role as Seaholm’s student voice and as a platform upon which academic department can debate with students in a manner in which all voices can be heard, one equally as loud as the next. This is why any Seaholm student, teacher, parent, administrator or professional can submit an opinion article or letter to the editor to be published either in print or online.

We look for opinions that are meaningful to the Seaholm community, entailing a broad swath of topics from thoughtful advice about choosing a college major or a rebuff of a school policy. The Highlander has a circulation of nearly 400 and has several hundred other readers online, giving your opinion the potential to truly make a difference to a wide audience. And not only are these opinions hearkened to by a wide audience, but they affect change. In 2018, a freshman and guest writer’s rebuke of the Integrated Math Curriculum was published in The Highlander and was referenced in a debate at the next BPS School Board meeting, demonstrating the influence that this publication offers students and other members of the Seaholm community. So, we hope you decide to share your opinion with us and, in consequence, the entire Seaholm community.