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Bridging the Gaps

By Kendall Hitch and Esther Seawell All students are presented the same information, offered the same classes, and take the same test. But, there are still specific groups of students who tend to do better in school than others, creating what are now termed achievement gaps. “I think these achievement gaps are the most significant social justice issue in our

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“Getaway” Encourages a Getaway From This Movie

   From retired race car driver played by Ethan Hawk (Gattaca) to a teen pop star turned world-class tech wizard played by Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers) , Getaway has it all.    This overly action-packed thriller, directed by Courtney Solomon (An American Haunting), manages to pack outrageously unrealistic scenarios and a predictable plot line all in one.    When well-known

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Students Speak Up

   35 weeks, 175 days, 1,269 hours- no matter how it’s broken down, each school year brings a large part of a high school student’s life is spent in the classroom.    According to assistant principal Deb Boyer, the fear of a student being limited, restricted, and uninterested in school is not uncommon.    Boyer said she spoke to a

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The New Peer Pressure

   Birmingham and Bloomfield 12th grade students have exceeded the national average in both alcohol and marijuana use.    According to the 2011-2012 Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition survey, more high schools seniors in Birmingham and Bloomfield use marijuana and drink alcohol than the national average.    According to Kelly Michaud, director of the youth potion of the BBCC, the concerning

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