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Second Time’s the Charm

  Recovering from a rocky first year, Seaholm’s Kick-off-Mentor program is establishing itself as an integral part of the school community. Intended to form relationships between Freshman and Upperclassmen to make the High School transition easier, the program is headed by counselor Rebecca Rossen and six Senior board members.    Several changes were made for the new school year. Matches

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Summer Internship Changes Senior’s Life

There’s something very absurd about the concept of almost being done with high school. My fellow seniors already know all about that. This entire summer, I couldn’t have a conversation with any adult without the inevitable two questions: “Where are you going to college” and “What are you majoring in”. Eek.   Thankfully, I’ve figured out my answer to the

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A Legacy Lost

After thousands of races, countless honors, and an immeasurable amount of influence, Kermit Ambrose passed away on February 24 at 101 years old. “They called him Mr. Cross Country,” Seaholm cross country coach Jeff Devantier said.“He was so well known as a coach, a starter, and as a person.” Kermit N. Ambrose was born on January 6 1911 in Pierce,

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