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Learning “iMatter”

   I matter: those words can be hard to say out loud.    With teachers, counselors, and even parents drilling children with the importance of empathizing, community service and understanding you can’t always get what you want, learning to say and think “I matter” can slip through the cracks.    Sure, it’s important to understand and help others, but that

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BPS’s Landscape Policy Protects People and Environment

   In a sea of gold and green, hundreds upon hundreds of dandelions spot the lawn surrounding Seaholm.    These yellow-flowered plants, their petals soon to be replaced by seeds, stand strong between blades of grass due to the Birmingham district’s landscaping policy. Across Birmingham schools, according to Assistant Manager of Operations for BPS, Matthew Hess, the administration avoids using

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Seaholm Earns Evergreen Status

Every month or so Paige Russell loads three blue bins and countless other boxes and garbage bags from Seaholm’s recycling station into her blue Ford Escape. From there, she drives to SOCRRA – the largest recycling center in the Birmingham community – and, with fellow classmates, sorts through used batteries, ink cartridges, cell phones and other nondescript recyclables into the

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Swimming Towards States; Student Succeeds Despite Disability

Standing in the living room of his family home, senior Evan Davis flexed his left bicep, then his right. “It’s okay?” Davis said, looking to his parents. His father, Eric Head, smiled slightly. “It’s fine man,” he said. “You have practice tonight, go upstairs and relax.” Davis, having recently changed into his 2011-2012 Seahom Swimming and Diving t-shirt, did what

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The Michigan Difference

Senior Kathryn Pelton has been fixated on attending the University of Michigan since her freshman year, filling her schedule with AP classes and studying countless hours to make sure she’d be a top applicant. “It’s a really great school,” Pelton said. “There are so many ways you can get involved and meet people and it offers so many different clubs.

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