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A Joker you won’t laugh at

Picture courtesy of Warner Bros. Written by Amber Leslie As the disturbing yet unforgettable origin story of one of cinema’s most well known supervillains, Joker scored a record-breaking October opening weekend with $247 million worldwide in box office sales.  Directed and produced by Todd Phillips (The Hangover, A Star is Born), this incredibly dark and gritty film is unlike any

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The Peanut Butter Falcon – A Quiet Movie that Speaks Volumes

By Marigold Wicks The Peanut Butter Falcon, directed by Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, is a heartwarming, Huckleberry Finn-esque tale that evokes many emotions from viewers in all the right places and at all the right times. Classified as a “Comedy/Drama,” the film provides lots of laughs while remaining on the dramatic side throughout the film. The flick stars Zack

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Dating in the D

    Image courtesy of Getty Images. This image represents the beauty of the Detroit city and great memories that can be created within. Written by Mrs. Donley’s Human Sexuality Class Dequindre Cut – Dequindre Cut is a walking trail with separate lanes for bicycles and pedestrians in Detroit that connects Eastern Market and the East Riverfront. Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

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The Days are at SXSW Seminars

Written by Cece Cousins Image captured by Cece Cousins   The city of Austin, Texas boomed with the excitement and involvement from another successful South by Southwest Conference. The 32nd annual event has come and gone, with high participation from people all over the world. The 10 day long conference explores the film, music, and interactive industries and allows participants to

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Getting to Know Seaholm Security Guard Jim Lytle

Written by Cecilia Cousins December 21, 2018 Walking through the hallways between classes you can guarantee that Seaholm’s own Jim Lytle, the security guard known by all, will put a smile on your face. For the past six years that Jim has been employed at Seaholm, he has truly made an impact on the Seaholm population. In turn, our school’s

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Comsa’s Corner: Fall 2018’s Feature Films

Written by Jack Comsa Traverse City’s historic State Theatre’s luminous lights add their vibrance to the resort city’s downtown area. Photo by Asher Leukhardt. As the leaves change and autumn pushes summer out of power, the films within our theaters change too. While B-rate horror movies reside in the early new year, and game-changing blockbusters control the summer, the fall is

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