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Made in Michigan “Oz” Celebrates Local Roots

With contributions by Kathleen Davis Along a carpet resembling a certain yellow-bricked road on Tuesday, March 5, “Oz The Great and Powerful”, a special premiere was held at the Royal Oak Imagine Theatre to celebrate and screen the film for Michigan natives involved in the movie process. The made-in-Michigan film, which was released nationally March 8, is a new twist

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Seaholm in the Spotlight

Thanks to some ambitious Michigan filmmakers, Seaholm is getting Hollywood status. The school is a central component of the independent, documentary-style film “The Bully Chronicles”, written and directed by Amy Weber and produced by Jeff Spilman. The small budget film aims to give a different look at the commonly dissected issue of bullying. According to their official website, the film

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Chronicle Review

Written by Jake Badalamenti After all most 2 years of production, 20th Century Fox finally released their newest super hero thriller movie, Chronicle, directed by Josh Trank. Besides a few minor flaws, “Chronicle” is all around stellar film and definitely worth the price of an admission ticket. The movie sports an almost unknown cast that stars three young, talented actors.

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