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Why We Need to Cross the Frontier of Student Voice

Written by Dr. Omar Hakim Most educators agree that our students are the heart of our profession. We work tirelessly to support students and encourage them to learn, grow, and participate in an evolving and complex democratic society. To reach that end, I believe that schools should be learning spaces where students can take active roles in shaping their learning

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Extracurricular-Inflating: Epidemic highlights student lack of integrity

Written By: Claire Kowalec Applying to college is a stressful task. In the Birmingham area, a vast majority of high school graduates attend college immediately upon their completion of high school, as is the culture in our school district and among most of our families. Many of these students will apply to prestigious schools—including but not limited to the University of

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Pervasive Polarization Spares None, Seaholm Included

Image courtesy of Wellcome Images December 21, 2018 The Editorial Board Racist, derogatory, abysmal and stereotyping language appeared on an Instagram story from an account construed as a Seaholm sophomore on Tuesday, December 11. They contained no images, but for most, the words were harsh enough. An individual behind the posts, who is likely a Seaholm student, wrote statements advocating

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Breaking Down the Semifinals in the College Football Playoff

Ever since the four seeded Ohio State Buckeyes took home college football’s top prize atop the field in last year’s college football playoff, analysts and fans alike have become fascinated as to what are the chances it happens again this year. According to this year’s calculations chances would say it is likely that number four seed brings home the trophy.

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A letter from the Highlander

The Highlander has received and fully recognizes the complaints regarding the April 1 satirical page’s controversial nature. The Highlander would like to reiterate that the page titled ‘THE LOWFLYER’ was strictly satirical.  The content was not meant to offend, but rather satirize lack of communication concerning certain events. The Highlander did try to reach out to administration on the subject

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Bye Bye Homework

by Drake Kondrat Do you want to know what burns me up? Let me answer my own question with a question. Have you checked your trash can lately? Your answer would probably be no since the only thing in it is garbage. But if you do check you might be surprised that someone’s corrected homework is in it. That’s not

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