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Why We Need to Cross the Frontier of Student Voice

Written by Dr. Omar Hakim Most educators agree that our students are the heart of our profession. We work tirelessly to support students and encourage them to learn, grow, and participate in an evolving and complex democratic society. To reach that end, I believe that schools should be learning spaces where students can take active roles in shaping their learning

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Extracurricular-Inflating: Epidemic highlights student lack of integrity

Written By: Claire Kowalec Applying to college is a stressful task. In the Birmingham area, a vast majority of high school graduates attend college immediately upon their completion of high school, as is the culture in our school district and among most of our families. Many of these students will apply to prestigious schools—including but not limited to the University of

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Seaholm Responds to Racism, Overt and Casual

  Image courtesy of Ipista K Written by Sophie Lajnef Recent events surrounding racist Instagram posts shared by an unknown student are alluding to a greater, underlying problem at Seaholm: how our lack of diversity results in insensitivity towards other cultures and races. On Monday, December 10, a Seaholm student was impersonated through a fake social media account, posting a

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Pervasive Polarization Spares None, Seaholm Included

Image courtesy of Wellcome Images December 21, 2018 The Editorial Board Racist, derogatory, abysmal and stereotyping language appeared on an Instagram story from an account construed as a Seaholm sophomore on Tuesday, December 11. They contained no images, but for most, the words were harsh enough. An individual behind the posts, who is likely a Seaholm student, wrote statements advocating

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Be Humble. Be Brave. Be the Foggy Forest: Seaholm’s Vaping Rate is Unwaveringly High Despite Curtailing Actions

After More Than a Year of Increased Efforts to Curtail Vaping, Seaholm Vapes Above National Rates Graphic by Valarie Sheer Friday, December 21, 2018 Written by Asher Leukhardt and Sarah Patterson  Since 2017, a sharp increase in vape usage by American teenagers prompted government agencies, news organizations, school administrators and parents to focus immensely on the prolific trend of teen

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Getting to Know Seaholm Security Guard Jim Lytle

Written by Cecilia Cousins December 21, 2018 Walking through the hallways between classes you can guarantee that Seaholm’s own Jim Lytle, the security guard known by all, will put a smile on your face. For the past six years that Jim has been employed at Seaholm, he has truly made an impact on the Seaholm population. In turn, our school’s

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