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Breaking Down the Semifinals in the College Football Playoff

Ever since the four seeded Ohio State Buckeyes took home college football’s top prize atop the field in last year’s college football playoff, analysts and fans alike have become fascinated as to what are the chances it happens again this year. According to this year’s calculations chances would say it is likely that number four seed brings home the trophy.

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Do I Wanna Know?

  Ever since elementary school, sharing grades has been a common practice. The teacher passes out the most recent tests, and a sly sideways glance is all you need to make or break your day. This transformation comes when you compare yourself to someone else. What could have been a disappointment can turn into a victory, and what was once

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Working Out

By Niko Bokos Whatever happened to the good old days where the gym was a great place for a guy or a girl to simply work out or break a sweat? Imagine a society without bros and roidheads taking up mirror space and talking about all of the water weight they excitedly plan to gain from their creatine supplements they

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