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How to: study for winter finals

by Emily Abbott No matter what grade you’re in, second trimester finals always seem to be the worst. With no promise of vacation looming after the tests, and with below freezing temperatures outside, the motivation to study is low. But whether you’re a first time freshman, a sophomore with a premature case of senioritis, or an upperclassman sick of these

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BU Kings win 4-1

by Julia Ross The Birmingham Unified varsity hockey team won 4-1 against Port Huron on February 25. The game’s sharpshooters were first, Brooks Beattie, followed by Mathieu Flamand, Dillon Sanders, and Mark Flamand. Oliver “Allstar” Breton assisted both of the Flamand brothers’ goals. The BU Kings wrap up the regular season with another game in Port Huron against Port Huron

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Paritee to Play at Grand Valley State

by Theresa Ross With only a few minutes left in his high school career, senior Austin Paritee didn’t want the memorable moments under the Friday night lights to end. The clock hitting zero marked a bittersweet end and exciting beginning. After playing with teams like the Birmingham Patriots, Berkshire Wildcats, and Seaholm Maples, senior Austin Paritee will be taking his

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Bye Bye Homework

by Drake Kondrat Do you want to know what burns me up? Let me answer my own question with a question. Have you checked your trash can lately? Your answer would probably be no since the only thing in it is garbage. But if you do check you might be surprised that someone’s corrected homework is in it. That’s not

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Girl’s Volleyball: Playoff Push 2014

by Adam Klepp After an end to the regular season, the Seaholm varsity volleyball team looks to continue their successful regular season into the playoffs. Their first playoff game is in the districts round next Wednesday, November 5, against Farmington Hills Harrison at Marian High School. The girls hope to make it all the way to Battle Creek for finals.

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