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Girls’ Tennis off to a Hot Start

With a state championship in fond memory, the Seaholm Women’s Varsity Tennis team is once again looking to reign supreme. “We have a goal and we are determined to try our hardest to achieve it,” senior Captain Jackie Meier said. The season is well under way for the team, which has already played two tournaments. “We expect that we are

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Change in Requirements for Online Classes

Is the “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace – Online Learning for You?” Seaholm students have always been required to take an technology course for graduation.  Recently, a legislative change to the State School Aid Act allows for any Michigan public high school student to take two classes online per trimester and still be considered a full time

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Sixties Magazine Makes an Appearance at the Allen House

By Olivia Neilson A collector’s paradise resides in the foyer of Birmingham’s historic Allen house; where one is greeted straight away by the alignment of past Creem Magazine cover issues that extend the wall alongside the grand staircase, 1980s rock posters, a cardboard cutout of world-renowned music critic Lester Bangs and an IBM Selectric typewriter with a yellowed sheet of

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Blended Classes Offer New Types of Learning

By Ashley Fernadez Five hours of back to back lecturing, every single day can get unexciting and almost unnecessary for most high school students, especially those exhausted by their rigorous schedules both in the classroom and on the athletic field. At Seaholm, students are able to take their learning outside the walls of their classrooms and experience a new type

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X-Block: No More?

While those extra days off back may have seemed like a gift then, Seaholm is finally paying the price. As of April 1st, Seaholm students have to come to class during X-Block to start making up the time missed. Students must come to class or will be marked absent. The absences will count towards parking passes for next school year.

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